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  1. RiderAJ

    Gasoline Fuels Our Motorcycles But What Is It?

    Kevin Cameron attempts to demystify gasoline. With this crowd - or the one we used to have - good luck... 😁 Gasoline Fuels Our Motorcycles But What Is It? - Cycle World Illustrated here is iso-octane, but gasoline can contain as many as 200 different hydrocarbon structures. Raw gasoline is...
  2. RiderAJ

    Review 2020 BMW R1250RS & R1250R Review

    Man, these bikes are sweet, IMO. The Roundel continues to refine them while making them more powerful. And mercifully, they haven't begun manufacturing any components of these in Asia - as far as I know. Anywho, is up with a review of the new, non GS Boxers. Showing their good...
  3. RiderAJ

    13 Best New Adventure & Touring Motorcycles For 2020

    Here's a nice, concise video that highlights 13 ADV models and their features that are new for the 2020 model year.
  4. RiderAJ

    Avid Motorcyclist, Rush Drummer Neal Peart Dead

    I had read in the news that Neal Peart had died. I was never a fan of Rush's sound, but someone dying young and of cancer is always sad. I did know, until reading this article from Cycle World that he was an avid motorcyclist. Avid Motorcyclist And Accomplished Drummer Neil Peart Dies - Cycle...
  5. RiderAJ

    Review 2019 KTM 690 Enduro R Review

    The good folks at spent some time flogging a KTM 690 Enduro R and were kind enough to share their impressions. Which weren't as glowing as I would have thought going in. Their point about the bike no longer having a niche - with the 790 above and the 550 below - sharing some...
  6. RiderAJ

    Training/Schools The inside line about Yamaha Champions Riding School

    I keep saying it and I haven't yet done it - but I want to - nay, need to - take an advanced class like a cornering school. Cycle World's Seth Richards shares his experience with the Yammy Champions Riding School. 5 Ways ChampSchool Taught Me How To Ride Like A Pro - Cycle World “There are...
  7. RiderAJ

    Cycle World talks with Dr. Markus Schramm On The Future Of Motorcycles

    Cycle World has a chat with the visionary head of BMW Motorrad, Dr. Markus Schramm. I firmly believe my 12-year old nephew could have come up with better questions. One I would ask: Do you think the cheapening of those magic 3 letters - BMW - are worth the money you save by manufacturing in...
  8. RiderAJ

    2020 Bikes We Can't Wait To Ride - Motorcyclist

    Here's a list of the bikes the good folks at Motorcyclist are looking forward to riding in 2020. The list is largely meh for me. I'd say the new Triumph Tigers are the only ones I really look forward to riding. Maybe the Ducati and Harley, too. Maybe...... 2020 Is Shaping Up To Be A Great...
  9. RiderAJ

    Best Used Ducatis To Buy

    I can appreciate the beauty of many Ducati models, but the marque has never pulled at my heartstrings - meaning, there's never been a Ducati model I've really wanted to own. I rode the original Multistrada sometime around 2006 - 2007 and I liked it well enough. But not enough to buy one. The...
  10. RiderAJ

    ***News*** New KTM models - 490, 890

    Man, no moss will grow on KTM as they pump out new models at a feverish pace. breaks it down for us. Five KTM 490 Models And More Confirmed In Pierer Mobility Presentation A management presentation prepared by Pierer Mobility reveals a roadmap to future KTM models including a...
  11. RiderAJ

    Wine & Bikes?

    Yup. But, not at the same time.... 😁 Moto Doffo: Wine Makers And Motorcycle Racers - The Doffo Winery and MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection is run and owned by the Doffo family: patriarch Marcelo Doffo, son Damian, and daughters Bridgette and Samantha. The seeds for...
  12. RiderAJ

    Husqvarna Norden 901 Adventure Bike Concept - Update - This bike is going into production

    More from Motorcyclist: 2021 Husqvarna Norden Adventure Motorcycle Preview - Motorcyclist The Norden will soon be a production model.Husqvarna Husqvarna has made it official: The Norden adventure motorcycle will soon be a production bike. Earlier this year we spotted the Norden during...
  13. RiderAJ

    Obi-Wan Kenobi just rode an electric Harley-Davidson Livewire across the Western Hemisphere

    The boys from the Long Way 'Round and other adventures are in the news, this time ginning up interest in the Bar & Shield's electric bike, riding them from Argentina to California. With Rivian electric pickup trucks following as support. Presumably, there was a gas-powered truck hauling a mini...
  14. RiderAJ

    2020 Triumph Tiger 900, 900 GT, 900 Rally Super Thread With Videos and Reviews

    And now, Motorcyclist.... 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 First Look Preview - Motorcyclist Triumph Motorcycles pulled the wraps off its new adventure-touring middleweight, the 2020 Tiger 900. Featuring a larger and more powerful inline-three engine, the Tiger 900 will be available in three...
  15. RiderAJ

    ***News*** 2020 Moto Guzzi V7III Racer 10th Anniversary Preview

    Man, Guzzi makes a gorgeous motorcycle. To this day, my Guzzi could be my favorite machine. There's just something about them..... All that knob-slobbing aside, man, do they need a major boost in performance - engine power, suspension..... C'mon, Piaggio. Step up and get Guzzi back to...
  16. RiderAJ

    New Top Gun Movie - Which Bikes Does Maverick Ride?

    OK, as a red-blooded, pure American dude - a man's man, if you will - I hate to admit this, but I've never seen the original Top Gun. At the time, it just seemed silly to me. And, honestly, it still does. And Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards are no one's example of bad asses. Anywho.... A...
  17. RiderAJ

    Building A 2019 Suzuki DR-Z400S Project Bike

    Dirt Rider is up with a project bike - a DR-Z400S. I do enjoy these sorts of articles, even if the subject bike is one I am unlikely ever to own. Customizing a bike generally is just fun, and I often learn things about products that may benefit my bikes. In this case, I'd forgotten about...
  18. RiderAJ

    Best Harley-Davidson Motorcycles To Commute On

    Interesting list. Oddly, all except that electric gizmo hold some appeal for me, the defunct XR probably the most. Why did H-D stop making them (the obvious "not selling enough" aside)? Best Harley-Davidson Motorcycles To Commute On - Motorcyclist Navigating your morning and evening commute...
  19. RiderAJ

    Comparo Yamaha Tenere 700 vs. KTM 790 Adventure vs. BMW F850GSA - The Complete Review - Video

    The guys at DriveMag riders do a good job with their videos. This vid compares 3 of the prominent players in the middleweight ADV segment. Only missing, I suppose, is the new Triumph Tigers.... Still, check out this video and their YouTube channel. Good stuff.....
  20. RiderAJ

    Review 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 R And Rocket 3 GT Review – First Ride

    Cycle World has their first ride review up. Take a gander and opine.... I will say that a bike losing so much weight from one iteration to the next is an extremely impressive feat of engineering. I wish all OEMs would try to make bikes lighter. 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 R And GT Review First...

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