2020 Triumph Tiger 900, 900 GT, 900 Rally Super Thread With Videos and Reviews


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Sep 11, 2018
The new, middleweight Tigers are due soon. Seems as if they're getting a bump in displacement and all-new nomenclature. Damn. Just when I finally memorized XC, XCa, XCx, et all....

I like the idea of these and always have. I wonder what they will weigh, and if each Thai-made bike comes with a lifetime supply of Pad Krapao....

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally And GT Launching On Dec. 3 - Motorcycle.com

EICMA has come and gone, but at least one manufacturer still has a major model announcement to come.

Triumph’s EICMA lineup starred the new Thruxton RS, along with a Bobber TFC and a couple of Bud Ekins tribute Bonneville models. It wasn’t a bad showing, but the fact remains these are all variants on existing models (though we shouldn’t gloss over the engine improvements on the Thruxton RS and Bobber TFC.)

It seems, however, that Triumph isn’t done, releasing videos teasing a new range of Tiger 900 models. We’ve already seen spy photos of the new Tiger, but we now know the bike we saw was a Tiger 900 and the final production model will be announced on Dec. 3.

The five-second video itself doesn’t reveal much, just a single still image of the new Tiger cloaked in shadows. The headlight is new, with the LED daytime running light moving from the middle of the headlight unit to above it, like a glowing unibrow.

More photos can be found on Triumph’s website along with a second video that is not listed on its YouTube channel. These images confirm a new layered fairing design, swingarm, and subframe (which may mean a new entire frame).

The teasers confirm the Tiger 900 will come in Rally and GT versions. This implies a new naming system for the Tiger, with Rally replacing the more off-road XC variants and GT replacing the XR models. The filenames of some images on Triumph’s site suggest a “Pro” version of the Tiger 900 Rally and GT, though it’s unclear how many versions there will be altogether.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro and Tiger 900 Rally Pro.
The filenames on Triumph’s website identify these bikes as the Tiger 900 GT Pro and Tiger 900 Rally Pro.

The 900 in the name also implies a larger engine, replacing the current model’s 800cc three-cylinder engine. Naturally, the new engine will be Euro 5 compliant, with Triumph increasing the displacement to make up for potential hits to the performance in making the engine meet the new emission standard.

In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t be surprised about an update to the Tiger range, as Triumph had yet to release any information on its adventure bike lineup. On that note, we still haven’t heard anything official about the Tiger 1200 lineup, though we were the first to report filings from the California Air Resources Board certifying new Alpine and Desert variants.

We’ll know more about the 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 range, and hopefully the Tiger 1200 range as well, on Dec. 4


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Sep 11, 2018
Finally, more info about these bikes is dripping out. Man, I like them. And I really like that Triumph made them more powerful, made the power more accessible and made them lighter, too. BMW, are you listening?!??

2020 Triumph Tiger 900, 900 GT, 900 Rally First Look - Motorcycle.com


Well what did you expect? Faster, lighter, torquier, more technologically advanced and cleaner, that’s what you get – and in five different flavors: Your regular Tiger 900 is the new “road-focussed” Tiger, with a major step forward in capability beginning with a heavily revised 888 cc inline triple complete with new firing order.

GT Pro in Sapphire Black

Step up from there to the GT and GT Pro (formerly the XRs), “tuned for even more urban adventure, genuine long-distance travel and everything in between.”

Rally Pro in Pure White

The most adventuresome adventure bike, though, with its 21-/17-inch wire-spoke tubeless wheels, would be the Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro (formerly the XCs), which have been “transformed for maximum off-road adventure and road-focused capability and comfort.”

Tiger 900 in Pure White

As less becomes more in the ADV segment, it seems Triumph has a new Tiger for everyone, including a low-seat version for those who feel more confident with their feet on the ground. There’s plenty to unpack here:

Begin Press Release


Designed to set a new category benchmark for maximum adventure in every ride, Triumph’s new Tiger 900 is completely transformed with an all-new, more responsive 900cc triple engine, an incredible standard of specification, new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology, and an aggressive new Tiger style and attitude. The new Tiger 900 range now makes more torque, more power and is lighter than previous Tiger models, making these the most capable, agile and dynamic middleweight Adventure bikes available.

A new name for a whole new generation:

  • Tiger 900 – The new road-focused Tiger, with a major step forward in capability and style
  • Tiger 900 GT and GT Pro – Tuned for even more urban adventure, genuine long distance travel and everything in between
  • Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro – Transformed for maximum off-road adventure and road-focused capability and comfort
The world’s longest-running adventure bike story

The Triumph Tiger has rich history with a bloodline of dedicated off-road models spanning the past 80+ years. Starting in 1936 with the first Tiger competition models, the Tiger name has played a significant role in establishing the Adventure category – from racing, to rallies, to the birth and boom in adventure travel.

Launched in 2010, the Tiger 800 established a leading position in the middleweight Adventure segment with its neutral and precise handling, torque-rich triple engine, and accessibility to all riders. In January 2018, during the development program for the new model, the ‘Tiger Tramontana’ gave viewers of the gruelling Panafrica Rally an early hint of the aggressive styling and poise of the new Tiger 900.

All-new more powerful and responsive 900cc triple engine with innovative firing configuration

The all-new higher performance 900cc engine has a unique 1, 3, 2 firing order for greater character and feel. The result is more feedback from the engine to the rider, an incredibly distinctive engine sound, and improved tractability and throttle feel, pulling harder, lower down. The result is a much closer association to the throttle character, sound and feel of a twin lower in the rev range, all the while maintaining the distinctive mid-range and top-end of a triple.

The new engine delivers a significant 10% more peak torque than the previous Tiger 800 models, now 64 LB-FT at 7,250 rpm, with improved torque low down and across the rev range. Power is also up across the entire rev range, with 9% more in the mid-range, and 94 peak horsepower at 8,750rpm.

Combined, this delivers more responsive acceleration, with 0-60 mph, 0-110 mph and 6th gear roll-on times all significantly quicker than both the previous generation Tiger and the closest competition. Additionally, it gives the new Tiger 900 a much more aggressive, raspy and engaging triple soundtrack.

An all-new twin radiator set up is mass optimized with a reduced coolant volume. This improves cooling performance and reduces the ambient heat felt by the rider. The new radiator style enhances the new models’ more striking Adventure bike stance and poise. Its shape and position enable a further forward engine position resulting in a more optimized center of gravity (1.6 in forward and 0.80 in lower). This improves weight distribution for better handling and low speed balance, while other improvements to the sump and cooling system ensure it has no impact on ground clearance.

There’s also an all-new air box with a more easily accessible new air filter, plus a slip and assist clutch for added rider comfort.

Significantly lighter, all-new benchmark-setting chassis

Now up to 11 pounds lighter than the previous generation model, the new Tiger 900 delivers a commanding and agile ride. The new steel trellis frame is not only lighter, but now has a modular construction with bolt-on aluminum rear subframe and bolt-on pillion hangers to help deliver an adventure-centric set-up for off-road focused riding.

There is high specification suspension across the new 900 range with premium Marzocchi or Showa components tailored to deliver the ultimate capability, setting the benchmark in the middleweight Adventure class.

For maximum rider convenience and comfort, the GT Pro model features segment-leading electronically adjustable rear suspension allowing the rider to adjust the rear preload and damping settings via a dedicated menu in the TFT instruments. Riders can select from nine levels of damping control, ranging from Comfort (softest) to Sport (firmest), and four preload set-ups.

All of the new Tiger 900 models now feature category-leading Brembo Stylema brakes for superior stopping power. These are lightweight, compact, carefully sculpted and high performing calipers, with reduced volume around the pistons and brake pads, creating less internal space occupied by brake fluid for more immediate braking response. Increased airflow around the brake pads also helps the calipers to cool quicker.

This combination of the new lightweight modular frame, lighter engine, high specification suspension and premium Brembo brakes delivers a notable improvement in agility and capability, ensuring exceptional handling in all riding scenarios.

Long-distance travel has been improved on the new Tiger 900 range, with a new larger 5.3- gallon fuel tank and new adjustable screen, delivering superior wind protection with a simple single-handed adjustment.

Ergonomics are also improved for the new models, optimized for rider comfort when touring, off-roading and anything in between. The seat width is narrower, and the handlebars are 0.39 in closer, giving a more comfortable, upright riding position and a greater level of rider control. Additionally, each model has a dedicated and unique footrest position to suit the expected style of riding as well as a built-in, easily adjustable two-position seat height mechanism. This enables the rider to adjust the seat height by 0.79 in to their preferred set-up.

All-new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology

The new Tiger 900 range features a significant step forward in its ride-enhancing technology, with state-of-the-art features including:

  • New class-leading 7-inch TFT instruments (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – Featuring dedicated Tiger start-up logos, the new larger TFT instruments present rider information in four different styles with complete clarity. There are also four different color options to choose from along with high/low contrast versions for excellent visibility in all lights. The 7- inch TFT screen is now bonded to the glass for a crisper image with no reflective layer. (The entry-level Tiger 900 model features 5-inch TFT high contrast instruments)
  • New My Triumph connectivity system and app (GT Pro & Rally Pro only) – With TFT instrument styles designed specifically for connectivity, the integrated My Triumph connectivity system and app seamlessly enable phone call and music operation, turn-by-turn navigation, and GoPro control – all accessed via the switch cubes and displayed on the TFT screen. (The My Triumph connectivity system is available as an accessory option on the GT and Rally models, including a dedicated Bluetooth® connectivity module)
  • New optimized cornering ABS and traction control with IMU (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – New optimized cornering ABS and optimized cornering traction control comes as standard on the mid- and top-spec Tiger 900s and is enabled via an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) developed in conjunction with Continental. This supports the automatic selection of the appropriate level of ABS and traction control intervention by constantly measuring roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration rates in order to calculate the lean angle. This fully integrated technology system ensures greater riding stability at all times.
  • Up to six riding modes – Riding modes adjust throttle response, ABS and traction control settings for maximum rider control in all riding conditions. The new anti-stall feature on the Off-Road and Off-Road Pro modes automatically increases the idle revs to prevent stalling. The Off-Road Pro riding mode, exclusive to the Rally Pro model, is Triumph’s most extreme off-road set-up for advanced off-road adventure, with ABS and traction control turned off, and an off-road throttle map. Tiger 900 Rally Pro: Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road, Rider-configurable & Off-Road Pro Tiger 900 GT Pro: Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road & Rider-configurable Tiger 900 Rally & Tiger 900 GT: Rain, Road, Sport & Off-Road Tiger 900: Rain & Road

  • New all-LED lighting with distinctive light pattern – The headlight, tail light and indicators on all new Tiger 900 models are now full LEDs for maintenance-free active safety. The GT Pro and Rally Pro models also feature LED auxiliary fog lights for additional long distance capability.
  • New Triumph Shift Assist, up and down quickshifter (GT Pro & Rally Pro only) – Enabling smooth, comfortable clutchless up and down gear changes while maintaining the accelerator position, the Triumph Shift Assist reduces rider fatigue and improves the ride. (Available as an accessory on the base and mid-spec Tiger 900 models)
  • New secure mobile phone storage and USB charging (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – A secure compartment under the seat houses a handy 5V USB power socket to enable uninterrupted use of the My Triumph connectivity system.
  • Highest level of standard technology specification (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only) – Fitted as standard for maximum rider comfort and convenience, the mid- and top-spec Tiger 900 models feature illuminated switches with a 5-way joystick, electronic cruise control and heated grips.

  • Fully loaded GT Pro and Rally Pro technology – Exclusive to the top-spec Tiger 900 models are the unique-in-segment heated seats (with separate pillion control) and the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).
All-new aggressive Tiger style with more dominant adventure-focused stance

All-new aggressive styling, re-designed smaller-scale bodywork, revised finishes and cleaner lines give the new Tiger 900 a more distinctive and dominant adventure stance. This is supported by the narrow stand over width, the visually lighter front end and the dominant fuel tank design and size.

The all-new bodywork has a more focused and aggressive adventure style, and includes fuel tank, tank end panel, high mudguard, seat panel, radiator cowl and radiator duct exit. The finish and detailing is also improved to its highest-ever level, making the Tiger 900 the new benchmark for quality.

Color Options

Matte Khaki, private detective
Tiger 900 Rally & Rally Pro: Matte Khaki, Sapphire Black and Pure White, all featuring contemporary new decals and a distinctive white frame inspired by the Tiger Tramontana rally bike

GT Pro in Korosi Red
Tiger 900 GT & GT Pro: Korosi Red, Sapphire Black and Pure White, all featuring premium tank badges and contemporary new decals

Tiger 900: Pure White

Accessible and adaptable

The Tiger 900 GT is also available in a dedicated Low Ride Height variant, which is 2.0 in lower than the standard GT model, achieved by a dedicated suspension set-up and a lower seat. This variant also features the built-in additional seat height adjustment of 0.79 in, giving a seat height of between 29.9 – 30.7 in.

65+ dedicated new accessories, adding to your adventure

A range of over 65 genuine Triumph accessories are available for the new Tiger 900 models, all designed alongside the bikes themselves to ensure seamless integration, and the same exacting standards of manufacturing quality and finish. There are two new luggage ranges created in partnership with Givi – the Trekker side-opening panniers with 52-liter twin helmet top box, and the Expedition top-opening panniers, with matching 42-liter top box. Plus there are accessories for added comfort, protection, capability, style and security.

More baggage options than Madonna
Two new inspiration kits deliver a complete package of accessories designed to suit different riding needs, which can be used as inspiration for riders to create their own perfect bike.

The fully loaded Trekker inspiration kit showcases the Tiger’s even greater touring capability with the Trekker panniers with powder coated mild steel mounting kit, Trekker top box and backrest, the sliding carriage kit, tank pad and screen deflector.

Alternatively, the Expedition inspiration kit showcases the more overt off-road focused accessories available with the Expedition panniers and stainless steel mounting kit, 40-liter roll bag, headlight guard, fork protectors, aluminum radiator guard, upper engine bars and LED fog lights.

A new name for a new benchmark, the 2020 Tiger 900 lineup delivers a leap forward in capability, with a major transformation to attitude, poise and style.

This versatile and agile range sets a new category benchmark for maximum adventure in every single ride.

Tiger 900Tiger 900
Tiger 900
GT Pro
Tiger 900
Tiger 900
Rally Pro
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Specifications
Engine TypeLiquid-cooled, 12-valve, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder
Bore x Stroke78.0 mm x 61.9 mm
Max Power93.9 hp at 8750 rpm
Max Torque64 lb-ft. at 7250 rpm
Fuel SystemMulti-point sequential electronic fuel injection
ExhaustStainless steel 3-into-1 header system, side mounted stainless steel silencer
FinalDrive O-ring chain
ClutchWet, multi-plate
Gearbox6 speed
FrameTubular steel frame, bolt-on subframe
SwingarmTwin-sided, cast aluminum alloy
Front WheelCast alloy, 19 x 2.5 in. Spoked Tubeless, 21 x 2.15 in.
Rear WheelCast alloy, 17 x 4.25 in. Spoked Tubeless, 17 x 4.25 in.
Front Tire100/90-19 90/90-21
Rear Tire150/70R17 150/70R17
Front SuspensionMarzocchi 45 mm upside down forks, non-adjustableMarzocchi 45 mm upside down forks, manual rebound and compression damping adjustment, 7.1 inches travel (5.51 inches GT LRH)Showa 45 mm upside down forks, manual preload, rebound damping and compression damping adjustment, 9.45 inches travel
Rear SuspensionMarzocchi rear suspension unit, manual preload adjustment, 6.7 inches rear wheel travelMarzocchi rear suspension unit, manual preload and rebound damping adjustment, 6.70 inches wheel travel (5.95 inches LRH)Showa rear suspension unit, manual preload and rebound damping adjustment, 9.06 inches wheel travel
Front BrakeTwin 12.6 inch floating discs, Brembo Stylema 4-piston monobloc calipers. Radial front masterTwin 12.6 inch floating discs, Brembo Stylema 4-piston monobloc calipers. Radial front master cylinder, Optimized Cornering ABS
Rear BrakeSingle 10 inch disc. Brembo single-piston sliding caliper, ABSSingle 10 inch disc. Brembo single-piston sliding caliper. Optimized cornering ABS
Width32.7 inches36.6 inches36.6 inches36.8 inches36.8 inches
Height (Without Mirrors)55.5-57.5 inches55.5-57.5 inches (54.5-56.5 inches LRH)55.5-57.5 inches57.2-59.1 inches57.2-59.1 inches
Seat Height31.9-32.7 inches31.9-32.7 inches (29.9-30.7 inches LRH)31.9-32.7 inches33.5-34.3 inches33.5-34.3 inches
Wheelbase61.3 inches61.3 inches (60.8 inches LRH)61.3 inches61.1 inches61.1 inches
Rake24.6°24.6° (24.1° LRH)24.6°24.4°24.4°
Trail5.25 inches5.25 inches (5.12 inches LRH)5.25 inches5.74 inches5.74 inches
Dry Weight423.3 lb, claimed427.7 lb (425.5 lb LRH), claimed436.5 lb, claimed432.1 lb, claimed443.1 lb, claimed
Tank Capacity5.3 US gal
Fuel Consumption55.4 mpg (claimed)


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Sep 11, 2018
Motorcycledaily.com has this news, too. As does probably errabody else by now.... 😜

Triumph Introduces New Tiger 900 Models - Motorcycledaily.com

Triumph has replaced its middleweight Tiger models with the all-new Tiger 900 series. Still featuring inline triples, the new bikes get a displacement bump to 888cc with 10% more torque (and the same 94 HP peak). Triumph talks about a new 1-3-2 cylinder firing order improving engine response and rider control.

There are a total of 5 Tiger 900 models, including 3 road-focused bikes detailed below, as well as two “Rally” models with longer travel suspension and spoked 21″ front wheels (the road-oriented models have cast 19″ fronts). Impressively, the bikes are stopped by Brembo Stylema calipers in front. The new models are also a little bit lighter, ranging between claimed dry weights of 423 pounds and 432 pounds.

We understand production bikes will reach U.S. dealers beginning in March of next year, and that pricing will range from $12,500 for the base Tiger 900 up to $15,000 for the Tiger 900 Rally. Here are the highlighted features for each of the road-oriented bikes:


  • 900cc triple engine (Euro 5 compliant)
  • New lightweight modular frame
  • ABS / Traction Control
  • LED Headlight
  • 5-inch TFT instruments
  • 2 riding modes



  • 900cc triple engine (Euro 5 compliant)
  • New lightweight modular frame
  • Optimised cornering ABS and traction control
  • LED DRL and Indicators
  • Four riding modes
  • 7-inch full-colour TFT instruments
  • Heated Grips
  • Cruise Control
  • Hand Guards
  • Fully adjustable Marzocchi rear suspension unit



  • 5 riding modes
  • My Triumph connectivity system
  • Electronically adjustable Marzocchi rear suspension unit
  • Triumph Shift Assist
  • LED Fog lights
  • Centre Stand
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • Heated Rider and Pillion Seats


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Sep 11, 2018
More info on these bikes, this also from Motorcycle.com.

You know, I rode my GS for the first time in maybe 6 weeks or so this past Sunday. I had been riding my KLR. She is lighter and a bit, um, "less burdensome" while riding around town, stopping a lot, etc. Man, the GS is such a smooth and powerful bike generally, but especially in comparison to the KLR (obviously). I feel her additional weight, but still, she's a sheer joy to ride. If BMW could take her and get her to lose 50-60 lbs or so, they'd have the perfect bike.

I mention this because I am impressed with how Triumph has made a significant, 20 lb weight reduction on these new middleweight Tigers. If true, Triumph is to be commended.

10 Things You Need To Know About The 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 - Motorcycle.com


Triumph sprang a 3500-word manifesto re: its new Tiger 900 on us just before the press introduction of the new bike last Tuesday in St. Louis, which we ran in its entirety. Now that we’ve had a few days to digest all the newness of the thing (five things really: Tiger 900, Tiger 900 GT and GT Pro, Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro) here are our main take-aways.

10. Longest-running ADV bike in the world
Triumph Tiger History

Since 1936. Really, they were all adventure bikes in the beginning, because most roads weren’t paved yet. But if Triumph wants to claim the 1936 Tiger as the first ADV bike, who are we to quibble? When Ted Simon rode round the world and wrote Jupiter’s Travels, he did it on a Tiger. And when this humble journalist first learned the dissonance of large motorcycles and sand, it was on a ’93 Tiger 900 – one year before the first oilhead BMW GS1100. If provenance is important to you, there’s no reason to diss the Tiger.

9. Weight reduction
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 jumping

It’s not so easy to quantify since Triumph insists on speccing dry weights for its bikes, but if the 20 pounds less they claim for the new Rally Pro versus the outgoing XCc is to be believed, that’s a significant reduction. The last time we had the triple on the official MO scales for our 2016 Wire-Wheel Adventure Shootout, the XCx weighed 547 pounds with 5 gallons of fuel and optional saddlebags. If the new Tiger’s down below 520 or so, it will seriously undercut competitors like the 545-lb Honda Africa Twin – and, like the Honda, will be way easier to deal with in sticky situations.

8. No skimping
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 front brake brembo caliper

You’ll be needing to step up to the $14,300 GT or $15k Rally to get all the good stuff, but once you’ve made the leap, there’s no skimping on the old family recipe: braided steel brake lines feeding the latest in Brembo Stylema calipers, tubeless tires on spoked wheels for the Rally, new 7-inch TFT display controlling new IMU-assisted ABS and TC, heated grips and seats, cruise control, quickshifter… it’s nice to see all the luxury items now available on the right-sized ADV bikes as well as the flagships.

7. Accessorize til the cows come home
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 accessories

Not to offend the aftermarket, but it’s nice when the factory specs accessories you know are going to fit and perform as advertised. There’s already an “Expedition” kit for girding the Tiger’s loins for more off-road use, and a “Trekker” one for more pavement-oriented missions. Or, pick out just the items you want from a selection of luggage options (by Givi); radiator, fork and engine guards; fog lights and windshield options, up/down quickshifter, heated seats… the list, as they say, goes on.

6. Know thyself, and pick the Tiger that fits
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 variants

They build five of them, so why not take realistic stock of the kind of riding you’ll be doing most of the time. For me anyway, the new nomenclature is easier to understand than the old: GT for grand touring on mostly pavement, Rally for, wait, aren’t many rallies on pavement also? Never mind: The main diff is that the GT and GT Pro get 19- and 17-inch tires on cast wheels; the Rally and Rally Pro get 21- and 17-inch beautiful, and strong, wire-spoke wheels running tubeless tires, more suitable for off-road encounters.

You’ll now find Marzocchi suspension on base and GT models, with 180mm and 170mm travel front and rear (7.1 and 6.7 in.), and longer-travel Showa forks and shocks on the Rallys – 240/230mm travel F/R (9.4/ 9.0 in.). The GT Pro features a premium electronic rear shock, which is adjustable for spring preload, and damping adjustment via whichever ride mode is selected. Muy convenient.

Base and GT models have correspondingly lower seats, 1.6 in. lower than the Rallys, and adjustable from 31.9 to 32.7 inches. And don’t forget the special Low Ride Height GT, whose seat is two inches lower via dedicated suspension set-up and a lower seat; it’s adjustable between 29.9 and 30.7 inches.

Anyway, the real beauty of all ADV bikes is that the GTs are still highly capable off-road, and the Rallys are still highly capable on it, says Triumph. Roam if you want to. All around the world.

5. Mass optimization = Better handling
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 split radiators

Adapting dirt bike style split radiators allowed the front wheel to be tucked in tighter, moving the engine and center of gravity 40mm forward and 20mm lower than before, with no loss in ground clearance thanks to a new sump. While they were at it, the bike got narrower and therefore easier to step over. Factor in the light-pull slip-assist clutch, rethought ergonomics, lighter-weight steel trellis frame (now with bolt-on aluminum subframe) – and Triumph (and paid spokesperson/stunt rider/racer Ernie Vigil) tell us the new bike has much better “balance” than the previous version when picking through technical terrain, as well as being much sportier on the road. (Pictured bike is wearing accessory radiator guards, crash bars and fog lights.)

4. Latest anti-prang technology
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 engine modes

Flip-phone users and/or expert off-road riders may opt for the base 900’s regular ABS and Road and Rain modes and be content, but most will want to spring for the Rally, Rally Pro, GT, or GT Pro models, all of which provide the latest in IMU-controlled lean-sensitive rider aids and up to six(!) ride modes – including Off Road Pro (exclusively on the Rally Pro). Ironically, it turns ABS and TC off, while plugging in the maximum-aggro Off Road throttle map.

Off Road mode, found on all but the base Tiger, also includes a new anti-stall feature that automatically bumps up the revs to preclude those embarrassing engine-stall tump-overs.

3. Modern world
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 TFT display

Wait, isn’t connectivity the antithesis of getting away from it all and getting lost in the outback? You can always choose to decline incoming calls and ignore the turn-by-turn directions (via your cell phone tucked snugly under the seat). Still,it could be someone you want to talk to popping up on the screen, and sometimes nav really does save your bacon. As does being able to switch on your GoPro at a moment’s notice. It’s all large enough on the new 7-inch TFT for even old eyes to see, and you control all of it with the joystick at your left thumb. On the Rally Pro, your switchgear’s even backlit so you can operate it after dark.

2. T-plane triple crank for more engine character and tractability
2020 Triumph Tiger 900 t-plane crank firing order

The previous engine used the typical triple 120-degree crank; the new one gets a t-plane crankshaft that fires the #3 cylinder 180 degrees after #1, and #2 90 degrees later.

When compared to bigger twins in our last comparison, T. Roderick wrote: “… testers enjoyed spinning its three-cylinder engine through paved twisties, but were less fond of the bike’s lack of bottom-end grunt when riding in the dirt. It’s easy to see why a twin-cylinder arrangement is the engine configuration of choice among ADV bikes.”

We only got to hear it run briefly, but the new engine does indeed have serious bark, and Ernie Vigil tells us the new layout (and no doubt the extra displacement) really does provide a noticeable bump in torque down low, which is just what the doctor ordered, along with triple revvability on top.

Along with the bump from 800 to 888 cc (via 3.9mm-larger diameter pistons), the new engine gets Nikasil-plated siamesed cylinder liners, new pistons, connecting rods and cams, a new balancer shaft, magnesium covers. It all adds up, says Triumph, to a 5.5-pound reduction in drivetrain weight.

And, we’re also looking at a big bump in torque across the powerband (peaking at 64 lb-ft. at 7250 rpm), and up to 12% more horsepower in the midrange (peaking at 95 hp at 8750 rpm). And, we’re Euro5 compliant, with a claimed mpg figure of 55.4.

1. This Trend is our Friend

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 info

Mine, anyway, and all of us who like the idea of adventure riding but not always the reality of 600-plus pound motorcycles in sketchy terrain. For a while there, if you wanted all the top-shelf components and electronic aids, you needed the big-displacement Tiger or BMW GS or Multistrada or KTM. Lately, you can have it all on the “midsize” version. And it wasn’t long ago that 900 cc was a big motorcycle. This new Tiger 900 has plenty of room for two and plenty of steam to haul that many people along the superslab as needed, with as much gear as you can stuff into your choice of luggage options, complete with warm buns, hands, cruise control, etc. – all while minimizing one’s cashetary outlay and carbon footprint. Win, win.


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Sep 11, 2018
And now, Motorcyclist....

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 First Look Preview - Motorcyclist

Triumph Motorcycles pulled the wraps off its new adventure-touring middleweight, the 2020 Tiger 900. Featuring a larger and more powerful inline-three engine, the Tiger 900 will be available in three designations: Standard, Rally, and GT (replacing the outgoing and 10-year-old 800’s XC and XR nomenclature).

Triumph Motorcycles shows off its new Tiger 900—a middleweight-size adventure-touring bike.

Triumph Motorcycles shows off its new Tiger 900—a middleweight-size adventure-touring bike.Triumph Motorcycles

Tiger 900 Powerplant
The 900 is powered presumably by a version of the Tiger 800 engine platform. In this configuration, the engine benefits from 4mm of added bore elevating engine displacement to 888cc. Triumph says this change boosts peak torque by 10 percent with 64 pound-feet arriving at 7,250 rpm. Peak horsepower is rated at 94 hp at 8,750 rpm. It sips fuel from a 5.3-gallon fuel tank.

By the looks of it, Triumph’s Tiger 900 looks more off-road oriented than the 800 model it replaces.

By the looks of it, Triumph’s Tiger 900 looks more off-road oriented than the 800 model it replaces.Triumph Motorcycles

To enhance character and sound, a modified 1-3-2 firing order gives “more feedback from the engine to the rider, an incredibly distinctive engine sound, and improved tractability and throttle feel, pulling harder, lower down,” the Hinkley brand says in a press release.
Triumph’s triple-cylinder engines are renowned for their punchy feel and tingling soundtrack, so it sounds (no pun intended) like this powerplant will be more fun to yank the twist grip on. Other improvements include a reduction in engine cockpit heat and a revised airbox with an easier-to-access air filter element.

The Tiger 900 employs a more road-oriented 17-inch rear wheel setup as opposed to a off-road-friendly 18-inch setup like some of its primary competition.

The Tiger 900 employs a more road-oriented 17-inch rear wheel setup as opposed to a off-road-friendly 18-inch setup like some of its primary competition.Triumph Motorcycles

Power is transferred to the 17-inch rear wheel through a manual cable-actuated slipper clutch (with reduced clutch lever pull, promises the English bike brand) and a six-speed gearbox with left-hand-side chain final drive. A bidirectional electric quickshifter can also be added as an accessory or as part of the GT or Rally Pro packages.

Updates To The Chassis And Suspension
The compact Triple is hung inside a tubular steel frame with the engine’s position shifted forward 1.6 inches and down 0.8 inch. This enhances overall weight distribution and low-speed handling, specifically, without compromising always precious ground clearance.

Base-model Tiger 900s use an inverted 45mm Marzocchi fork with 7.1 inches of travel. The GT model’s front suspension adds damping adjustability, while the Rally adds a Showa fork with an extra 2.4 inches of movement. Spring preload adjustability is also included.

Rear suspension duties are tackled by a gas-charged Marzocchi shock with preload adjustability and 6.7 inches of movement before hitting the bump stop. The GT specification adds damping adjustment, and the GT Pro benefits from electronic spring preload and damping adjustment for riders who want to make easy, fast, and toolless adjustment. The Rally model uses a Showa shock with 9.1 inches of travel.

The Tiger 900 Joins Us In The Future
Up-spec Tiger 900s come outfitted with a 7-inch color TFT display. The base version uses a 5-inch panel.

Up-spec Tiger 900s come outfitted with a 7-inch color TFT display. The base version uses a 5-inch panel.Triumph Motorcycles

A 5-inch color TFT display graces the base model while a 7-inch setup is used on the premium models, with IMU (computer chip that gives the motorcycle positional awareness in the X, Y, Z planes). It serves as the command HQ, and allows selection of up to six different riding modes, based on preference or terrain.

Seasoned adventurers should opt for the “Pro” configuration so ABS and traction control can be disabled, if desired. Tire pressure monitoring system is also included, as is cruise control and heated grip, and the bike’s instrument display can be paired to your smartphone. However, a quick peruse of the iOS app store didn’t show any current Triumph apps. Riders can also store and charge their phone under the seat via a 5-volt USB-compatible charge port.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Model Differences

Triumph Motorcycles has made great strides in the fit-and-finish department. Note the attention to detail for the routing of the front brake lines.

Triumph Motorcycles has made great strides in the fit-and-finish department. Note the attention to detail for the routing of the front brake lines.Triumph Motorcycles

Both standard and GT model Tigers roll on a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear cast aluminum wheels while the Rally edition gets wire spoke wheels with a dirt-bike-size 21-inch front wheel to better navigate treacherous terrain. Curiously, the Rally retains a 17-inch rear wheel rather than a more off-road-oriented 18-inch setup, which we generally prefer. A heavy-duty set of superbike-spec billet aluminum Stylema calipers from Brembo keep speed in check, with cornering ABS function on the up-spec, IMU-enabled models.

Styling-wise the Tiger continues to employ Triumph’s signature cues, with an exposed rear and subframe and shapely radiator shrouds. The snout is sleeker but also more generic looking, with a more pronounced beak. Still, we appreciate the narrower look of the LED headlamps and the refined proportions from nose to tail.

Tiger 900 Pricing And Availability
The 2020 Tiger 900 will arrive in US dealers March 2020. Since its known more for its road rather than off-road performance, it will be interesting if Triumph has infused more of its Scrambler 1200-esque DNA into the Tiger 900 in effort to finally make it a true adventure bike.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Specifications (base model)
ENGINE888cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled inline-three; 12-valve
BORE x STROKE78.0 x 61.9mm
FUEL DELIVERYMultipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
CLUTCHWet multiplate slipper clutch; cable actuation
FRAMETubular steel frame, bolt-on subframe
FRONT SUSPENSIONNonadjustable Marzocchi 45mm inverted fork; 7.1-in. travel
REAR SUSPENSIONMarzocchi gas-charged shock, adjustable for spring preload; 6.7-in. travel
FRONT BRAKESBrembo Stylema Monoblock 4-piston calipers, 320mm discs
REAR BRAKEBrembo 1-piston caliper, 255mm disc
WHEELS, FRONT/REARCast alloy; 19 x 2.5 in. / 17 x 4.25 in.
TIRES, FRONT/REARTBD; 100/90-19 / 150/70-17
RAKE/TRAIL24.6°/5.2 in.
WHEELBASE61.25 in.
SEAT HEIGHT31.9–32.7 in.

The Rally edition Tiger 900 is equipped with a dirt-bike-sized 21-inch front wheel which allows riders to comfortably traverse difficult terrain.

The Rally edition Tiger 900 is equipped with a dirt-bike-sized 21-inch front wheel which allows riders to comfortably traverse difficult terrain.Triumph Motorcycles

Heavy-duty serrated footpegs and brake pedal are standard. Crash bars are available as an accessory.

Heavy-duty serrated footpegs and brake pedal are standard. Crash bars are available as an accessory.Triumph Motorcycles

The Tiger 900 wears a more generic looking beak-like snout that is common among modern adventure-touring bikes. The LED headlights are more narrow and a pleasing aesthetic upgrade versus its predecessor.

The Tiger 900 wears a more generic looking beak-like snout that is common among modern adventure-touring bikes. The LED headlights are more narrow and a pleasing aesthetic upgrade versus its predecessor.Triumph Motorcycles

All Tiger 900 variations employ Brembo’s latest and greatest Stylema radial-mount calipers that grip 320mm rotors.

All Tiger 900 variations employ Brembo’s latest and greatest Stylema radial-mount calipers that grip 320mm rotors.Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles wants riders to go further with more comfort than ever before.

Triumph Motorcycles wants riders to go further with more comfort than ever before.Triumph Motorcycles

The Tiger 900 is powered by an 888cc inline-three that is more powerful than the 800 it replaces.

The Tiger 900 is powered by an 888cc inline-three that is more powerful than the 800 it replaces.Triumph Motorcycles

A cast alloy swingarm and left-hand-side chain final drive put power to the rear wheel.

A cast alloy swingarm and left-hand-side chain final drive put power to the rear wheel.Triumph Motorcycles

The premium Tiger 900 models come with heated and ultra-plush-looking rider and passenger seats.

The premium Tiger 900 models come with heated and ultra-plush-looking rider and passenger seats.Triumph Motorcycles

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