Mutant Jeep ready for the end of the world - $350K!


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Sep 11, 2018
OK - this is ridiculous. When God looks down from heaven and sees such a useless waste of money, he has to shake his head in disappointment. But I guess we don't want to tug at that string because the same can sort of be said for motorcycles.

But I am posting this for one simple reason - I love how it looks!!!!!!

The $349G Rezvani Tank X is a mutant Jeep ready for the end of the world

Let’s be honest: The chances of you needing protection from an electromagnetic pulse while outrunning an off-road racing truck in the middle of the night while draped in luxury are pretty slim. But are they zero?


If you don’t think so, California custom truck builder Rezvani has just the thing for you. It’s called the Tank X. Based on a Jeep Wrangler chassis, it features chiseled bodywork that looks straight out of a futuristic online war game and an interior covered in leather and suede trim.


Under the hood is a 1,000 hp version of the supercharged V8 engine from a Dodge Demon muscle car, which offers a mere 808 hp in stock trim. Rezvani updated the suspension to go with it and offers an optional 6-inch body lift for covering extreme terrain, or just getting a better view of the hoi polloi as they look on in amazement or horror.


You’ll have no problem seeing them in the dark with the built-in FLIR infrared camera, and the company says the Tank X is equipped with a military-grade anti-EMP device that can protect the entire electrical system in the event that the sun or an unfriendly nuclear power gets angry.


If this all sounds fantastic, so will the price. The Tank X starts at $349,000, but there’s also a standard Tank model with a 500 hp Dodge V8 for $155,000, so there’s that.

Rezvani also builds a “military” version with bulletproof glass and armor, IED protection, electrified door handles, a blinding light system, smoke screen, run flat tires and pretty much every feature you’ve ever seen in a movie spy car, short of an ejector seat. It starts at $295,000 and costs $444,000 with the Demon motor.


Worth it? We’ll have to wait for the end of the world to find out.

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